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A Letter from Bob
Hi All Bob here,

As you may or may not know I had valve replacement surgery on my heart.
Because of this I am taking a number of medications.
I am 73 years old and I'm having a tough time getting things under control.
To make matters worse I am experiencing trouble with my eyes.

This is my close friend Mike Dunagan who has been working & studying with me
concerning Primitive Weapons for about 8 years.
Mike Dunagan
Because of my health problems I have asked Mike to take over the manufacturing of Primitive Weapons.
As you know I care very much about the quality of the products that I ship to my customers
Mike understands this feels the same as I do on this point.

So effective October 1, 2009
All orders will be handled by Mike & all checks for products must be made out to Mike Dunagan
To all of those who ordered products in 2009 & sent checks for payment:
Mike will be sending your check back along with a letter of introduction.
If you still would like the product you ordered Please re-submit the order
through this web site following the directions for making payment on the
page following the order form.

Thank you for your patronage & understanding during this troubeling time

Bob Booth
Primitive Weapons

My name is Bob Booth and I own the company.
On this site you Will Not be overwhelmed with graphics and banners.
You may be taken back by my lady models, each of which
is a friend who wanted to take part in building my web site.

     Primitive Weapons actually got it's start in the 1970's, while I was studying Herpetology.
     The course of study led me to remote areas of the world where primitive tribes lived in harmony with the reptiles, quite different, I am sad to say, than our culture does.
     While studying these indigenous peoples, I was truly taken in by the methods of 
day to day survival they had to endure. Since childhood, being both a hunting  and
a weapons enthusiast, I was amazed by a Ecuadorian Warani Indian shooting a Howler Monkey from a tree 110' up with a dart from a Blowgun, or a Tehuelche Indian entangling a Rhea or Guanaco with a 2 or 3 ball Bola; a Peruvian shepherd hitting his game with a Sling or an Australian Aborigine killing a Kangaroo with a dart from a Spear Thrower. I could go on and on.
     With all this in mind, I decided not only to research these weapons more but, thought it would be interesting to make some. 
     This led to a Major Problem. There was not that much information that I could 
find out there. The library had most of the basics, but I was looking for detailed info.
I wish the Internet had been around then.
     Then while at a used bookstore, I stumbled across a few books published in the
early 20's, back before T.V. and Radio, when explorers wrote of their adventures
in books like El Jimmy Outlaw of Patagonia etc. Well I hit pay dirt. My library is 
now full of them. Each detailing the construction of the weapons I was attempting
to make.
     This was almost short lived when I conked myself on the head with a 2 ball
Boleadora, one of my favorite weapons.
     As the years went by, I rented a table at a local Gun Show to see if and how my
products would sell. Well they took off. The only problem was I could not keep up
with Blowgun production. So I ordered them from a place called The House of
Weapons in Utah. They sold a .38 caliber aluminum blowgun that was fun to shoot,
a lot like the blowguns that are all over the internet today, but not much of a hunting blowgun, unless you make your own darts,  but a great target gun.
     A lot of my customers ask about Poison. My answer is "Stay Away From Them".
     Like with all weapons practice makes perfect. This statement is especially true
with Primitive Weapons.

     This has been a brief rundown on Bob Booth's Primitive Weapons.
I do wish to thank you for visiting my site.
If you have any questions, drop a line, fax or e-mail me and be sure to visit our
Link Page & Brief History of Primitive Weapons Page.

Bob Booth 
Bob Booth's Primitive Weapons

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This is me,
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